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1-input MATV Amplifier

No. 120026

  • V51-201, 204 and 305 are designed for excellent performance over the full VHF and UHF broadcast bands BII, BIII, UHF BIV/V.
  • Input filtering is designed for VHF/FM, VHF/DAB and UHF channels 21-60 with additional input filters on the multi-input models V51-204 and V51-305.

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These amplifiers are designed with high gain and very high input and output headroom to minimise the effects of interference overload. The V51 range of amplifiers can be used in small, medium and large MATV and IRS systems from 10 to 500 subscriber points or as a pre-amplifier mixer in cascade with a launch amplifier. The gain/level and slope settings are controlled by a 10dB gold contact slider switch attenuator and 10dB rotary trimmer attenuator for accurate and reliable adjustment.