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Double LNB Bracket

No. 101309

  • Low hassle increase in satellite feeds without the need to install an additional satellite dish
  • Quick and simple adjustment of LNBs once fitted
  • Compatible with Vision Digital Satellite dishes & Vision LNB (V5-400QT)
  • Compatible with LNBs from 23mm to 40mm collar diameter
  • One or two additional LNBs can be fitted up to 20° degrees away from the main LNB

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This special metal clamp will allow 1 or 2 additional LNBs to be added to the existing LNB to make up a multi LNB dish system, without the time delays associated with motorised systems.

LNB CapacityUp to two, 23-40mm collar diameter
Satellite Dish CompatibilityV80-80, V80-85 & V80-100