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Galvanic Isolator

No. 122066

  • 2kV DC or AC isolation
  • Ideal for isolating trunk cables across different phases of the mains
  • Stops balancing current travelling along coaxial cables
  • Can be used to block DC in separate IRS sections and power supply overload
  • Isolates inner and outer conductors of coaxial cable.
  • Bulkhead fixing, earth post and safety cable sleeves
  • Frequency 85 – 2400MHz <2dB Insertion Loss

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The EV5-255 is a compact 5 cable, safety critical device, AC/DC Galvanic Isolator, for IRS installations where separate sections of the system require being electrically isolated from each other. This is especially important where different parts of a system are powered and earthed on different phases of the mains electrical supply.

No. of Inputs5
No. of Outputs 5(Isolated)
RF Frequency Range40-2150MHz
Insertion Loss<1dB
Isolation Voltage2kV AC